Good health is the foundation of a happy life. Physical activity is indispensable for good health, such as badminton. If you like play tennis, you can read this article. The following will introduce 6 portable badminton racket that allowing you and your friends to start this game anytime, anywhere.

portable badminton racket

How to Choose Good Badminton Sets?

Badminton is a sport that exercises cardiopulmonary function. When you choose to exercise, you may be faced with how to choose a badminton suit.

There are many kinds of badminton on the market, and choosing a good badminton requires many factors to be considered. Such as the weight of the shaft, the balance and grip of the racket.

First, regarding the weight of the racket, many novices think that the weight of a badminton racket is about the same. In fact, it is not easy to find the weight of a racket that suits you. If you use a heavier racket, it will make the sport difficult; but if the weight of the badminton racket is too light, it will not be able to mobilize the muscles of the body to exert the required strength.

portable badminton racket

Second, when checking the grip of the racket, remember to obtain a racket with a smaller grip. This is because it is easier to adjust and add extra grips than downsizing. Someone will suggest that you choose G5 (81mm) or the smallest one to ensure safety. This should be taken into consideration, because the wrong grip can severely affect your performance.

Third, what kind of impact will a racket with a different balance point have? The balance of a racket is the distance between the bottom of the racket handle and its balance point, in millimeters. A high-balance racket has stronger driving force, but it is not easy to control; a low-balance racket has better control, but the driving force is not enough.

Which portable badminton racket is best for a beginner?

Newcomers should consider the following factors when choosing a badminton volleyball suit; first, the price issue, as a novice, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to choose expensive badminton volleys; second, the beginner badminton racket combines moderate weight, size and balance. Provide the best experience and provide the best results at any time. And, if you have the right instructions, it will also become the best budget badminton racket with convenience, quality and friendly price. Finally, after choosing badminton equipment, a pair of suitable shoes can make you a leader in sports.

Does Bosonshop Sell portable badminton racket?

Yes. Bosonshop has two color portable badminton racket. Detailed link is below.

6 portable badminton racket recommend

1、Bosonshop Green Portable Badminton Net Set Storage Box Base

Green Portable Badminton Net Set Storage Box Base

This is a very easy-to-carry badminton suit. If you want to play badminton anytime, anywhere, you can choose this one. Easily set up and storage, take up little space. Good gift for kids and sports lovers to have fun or exercise. Help family members or team members to promote affections.

2、Bosonshop Orange Portable Badminton Racket 

Orange Portable Badminton Net Set Storage Box Base

This one is very similar to the previous one, but the color is different. The characteristics are as above.

3、Baden Champions Badminton Set

Baden Champions Badminton Set

The suit is very suitable for backyard badminton games, summer camps and other social activities. It comes with a high-quality weatherproof box, easy to store, and can be carried with you.

4、RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

This is a very durable one; it can be taken to backyard parties, beach parties, or even simple park picnics and parties.

5、Speedminton S600 Set

Speedminton S600 Set

This is a badminton suit suitable for professionals. It can be used at night because it has a night accelerator that can make it visible in the dark. It can last for three hours, so it is very suitable for camping, beach and outdoor parties.

6、Champion Sports Deluxe Outdoor Game Sets

Champion Sports Deluxe Outdoor Game Sets

This is also a professional badminton volleyball brand. If you want to go camping trip, outdoor games and tailgating, this is the best choice for you. It comes with a durable, weather-resistant carrying bag for easy carrying. This is useful for different settings, but may not be the best choice for beaches or settings where the pole is set in the sand.