The pop-up canopy is a special type of large tent that can be used to build shelter for outdoor activities in a short time. How do you know if you have bought the best pop-up canopy tent? Because pop-up canopy tent vary greatly in price, the following points need to be considered to ensure that your canopy tent can be well supported and used for many future activities. After all, the tent you buy will be reused in the next few years.


1 size

First you have to determine which instant canopy tent your needs and choose the right size for your purpose. You can determine the required size according to the number of people and the placement of the items.

There are many sizes of canopies, most of which are square or rectangular. The smallest model is usually 4 feet x 4 feet and is designed to cover a person or something similar to a portable dressing table. Pop-up shops used for weddings or other outdoor events usually span 10 feet x 20 feet. The larger canopy leaves the field of the pop-up canopy and becomes a pole tent. Of course, the larger the pop-up window, the more space you need to transport and store it.


2 Price

Like all products, price is not equal to quality. There are some cheap canopies that can be used for a long time.

Aluminum frames are strong and may be more expensive than ordinary metal frames.

There are other canopies made of thin and fragile fabrics, which may only be suitable for a few uses, and the price should be lower. There are canopies that cover 100 square meters, and the price is less than US$100, while the price of larger commercial tents starts at US$150.

Regardless of the price of the canopy, if you plan to use it multiple times, buying one is still more economical than renting a tent.


3 Easy to use

When you need it back then, you can easily start using it. Generally easy to use, you should first open the basic frame of the pop-up canopy. You can do this with the help of others to avoid bending any metal parts. Raise the pop-up canopy to the height you like. Most canopies have adjustable legs to provide a different number of shelters based on the height you choose.

4 Durability

The strength and quality of the tent is crucial. You want a canopy that can stand upright when it is windy, rainy, and the sun is hottest. You also need the right amount of shade to make you and your guests feel comfortable.

Most pop-up canopies have fixtures and stakes, so you can fix them to the ground. Some models include weighted bags or sandbags for stabilizing the canopy. Models designed for beaches may have specially designed piles that can go deep into the sand to improve stability. The ultra-light model may only have a center pole, and the canopy is fixed with a few stakes, which is used for less formal but highly portable canopies.

 5 The height of the ceiling

The higher ceiling allows you to use the canopy without bending over. Canopies designed for activities usually have a ceiling height of 5 to 12 feet. Many models also include adjustable legs, offering three to five height options. A camping canopy that looks similar to a tent has a low six-foot ceiling. They are great for shade once you sit, eat, or relax, but they're not suitable for people standing for long periods of your time.