A side retractable side awning can be used as privacy shades on back patios. They can also be used to obstruct neighbors from staring to your pool or sunbathing areas.

Side awnings are a great DIY project for someone. Their skill requirement is considerably lower than a traditional overhead awning as they are completely supported by sitting on the ground. The main challenge is creating enough tension that they don’t bow in the middle or get knocked down by heavy gusts of wind. Meanwhile, it is also easy to install a side awning. The task can be complete by one person, and the only tool required is a drill.

Here is a Retractable Side Awning Wall that we recommented:

The Retractable Side Awning Wall has many features:

Retractable & Maximum Coverage: Compared with the general size, this outdoor sun shade size is 118"x78.5", which is dark enough to provide maximum coverage. Automatic spring design easily blocks the view of your back patio from neighbors, draw out a private space, bringing a calm and peaceful afternoon.
All-Weather Resistance: Made of durable polyester fabric, this shed has the function of waterproof and UV resistance. It can effectively prevent being sunburned or splashed by water, even the wind of the season, bringing you a peaceful and relaxing environment.
Elegant Blocker for Wide-Use: Not only works in the backyard, it is also suitable for outdoor occasions such as terraces, porches, or balcony lights. It can also be used in offices, dressing rooms, or clinics; screens have a decent amount of tension even at less than full extension, which comes for a nice wrinkle-free elegant appearance.
Easy to Assemble & Use: Bosonshop side awning is super convenient to install, only need to first fix the shell to the wall, and then fix the column to the floor, concrete or deck, and directly pull the barrier, you can easily get a shaded space.
Durable All-aluminum Frame: Made of a high-quality all-aluminum frame, this neat and strong privacy divider can support your long-term use. Thickened fixed edges and base once increase its stability, and the smooth, solid gray surface also adds a touch of ornamental beauty.

Besides, here are many specifications:
Maximum size: 118" L x78.7" H
Excellent durability & Appearance
washable and quick dry
Suitable for offices, dressing rooms & clinics
Protects against the setting sun, wind, and prying eyes
Easy to assemble and handle
Extendable up to 118”

If you need to learn more informations about the side awning, you can click the link: Retractable Side Awning Wall