How To Choose the Perfect Toy for Your Child?

Here are some aspects that you need to consider:

Meeting Their Interest
The most important thing worth considering is finding out how interested they are in the product.
Most parents know their children’s interests, but if not, just listen, and they will let you know. Based on that, we must ensure the interest is long-lasting enough so that your purchase will be worth it. If your child keeps their focus on the toy you get, chances are the ease of use is equal to its functionality. In other words, the toy will do what they expected it to do and more.

Education in Play
While they’re getting settled in with their new toys, make sure there’s an educational aspect to their play. Maybe the toys were not suited for education. If you can come up with educational scenarios to play with them, they’ll benefit from them. It’s always a great help whenever toys are built to be educational—but most of the time, they aren’t. So, we must become creative and teach our children as they grow.

Sociability and Play
As your children mature, make sure they have working concepts of morals and ethics so they can show empathy toward others. This will be crucial when sending them off to daycare or preschool for the first time.

Here is one toy set that we recommend for you:

 And here are some instructions about the features and specifications of the toy:

Shooting activities have measurable health benefits, both physical and mental.It builds physical discipline, as well as increased strength, stamina, hand/eye coordination. It is a great as a birthday prizes, raffle or festival gift. Keep your children away from computers, mobile phones, and TV. It also can build confidence and courage


This dinosaur shooting toy includes a target dinosaur, 1 water ejector, 20 foam balls and 2 air guns, suitable for children's daily play and game competition, but also the best choice for children and parents.

The dinosaur's tongue can make realistic dinosaur sounds during shooting. Able to imitate the sounds and sprays of real dinosaurs. 3 AA batteries are needed for beeps sound effect. (Battery not Included)

The toy air gun has 33ft shooting range, The balls are made of EVA foam, which is very light, safe and harmless. Soft-safe foam balls collect inside the dinosaur's belly. Easy to take out for recycling.

Fill the ball into the gun first, pull the butt back and forth to inhale the air, then target the hungry dinosaur and fired. Lower the muzzle when inhale air, the ball will be more powerful. The balls will in the dinosaur's belly after you shooted.

Cartoon dinosaur image game catches children's attention more. The parts are made of safe odorless ABS material, smooth and round without burrs, anti-wear and fall. Keep your kids company longer.

Aim-shoot course helps your child enhance eye hand coordination. It is absolutely an attractive indoor and outdoor game for your over 3 year old boys and girls. Perfect present for Birthday, Children's Day, Christmas and party supplies.


Color: Brown, red, blue

Materials: ABS, EVA

Air gun size: 9.8" - 13"L x 6"W

Dinosaur size: 9"L x 5"W x 9"H

Total weight: 1.87 lbs

Recommended age: 3 years and up

If you would like to learn more details, you can click the link to know that: Dinosaur Toy