If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, it’s a good choice to use the abdominal muscle wheel to do sports. We can use this fitness equipment for strength training

1.How should we use the double-roller abdominal muscle wheel correctly?

The abdominal muscle wheel rolls forward, and then uses the abdominal force to return to the original position. It can also be performed standing, but this is more difficult.
   1. First, we start from the kneeling position, touch the knees to the ground, and hold the abdominal muscle wheel in the hands. Then inhale, let your back bend in a certain arc to the greatest extent, try to tighten your hips and tighten your chin. Keep your hips (and thighs) perpendicular to the ground. In this movement, your hips must not be tilted back too high, or your back should be sunken down too much.
  2. Gradually lower the body, and maintain control of the entire strength training movement until the body reaches the ground. Then we let the body descend under the full control of the strength, and keep exerting tension during the whole process of descending to the floor. Don't let the descending process be surprisingly slow when you start training the abdominal muscle wheel. You will feel fatigue prematurely, and even exercise injury before reaching the ground.
   Note: (1) It is best to use a wide belt to tie around your waist and hips
             (2)Do not dent your back.
               (3) Exhale when you are close to the ground, inhale and bend your back, and then return to the original state.
             (4)If it is difficult for you to contract your abdominal muscle wheel to support your body, you can only do the half-way movement of the abdominal muscle wheel.

2.How to choose this fitness equipment 

Products Recommended: 

Abdominal Muscle Wheel

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