A power tower provides an excellent workout. Power Tower Workouts hit many of the major muscle groups. Body weight training movements are key to keeping up an active and healthy lifestyle.
You can just use one power tower to workout your abs, obliques, triceps, biceps, chest and back muscles. You can also use the power tower for a lower body workout as well.One piece of equipment can help you train multiple body parts.


1. Knee Raises — Abs
The power tower is made to blast your abs. Start by stepping up onto the pushup bars at the bottom of the machine. Turn around and hop up so your back is pressed against the back pad, and your elbows are on each elbow pad. Hold on to each upright grip, and your legs should be dangling.
Take a deep breath, tighten your abs, and raise your knees to your chest. Hold for one second and then slowly lower your legs until they are straight. Do not relax your abs between reps, keep your upper body tight throughout the entire workout.
2. Pull-ups – Back, Chest, Biceps
Use the pull-up bar to build an incredibly defined upper back. Pull-ups engage the long, triangular shaped Latissimus Dorsi muscle that connects to your shoulders and runs down the center of your back. This exercise also engages your chest muscles and your biceps. It’s a great exercise if you want to be able to lift yourself up and over obstacles.
3. Push-Ups – Chest, shoulders, arms
Most power towers include raised bars at the bottom. These can help you perform push-ups and even deficit push-ups (think push-ups times ten). Grip each bar and then get into the standard push-up position, with your wrists, elbows and shoulders aligned. Your back should be flat.
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The features about the Power Tower

Sturdy & Stable: Power tower is made of high quality squre tube steel constructed with scratch-resistant coat,holds up to 600LBS, more stable and durable.
Comfortable: Step-up and humanized design with comfortable back cushion and elbow pads, effectively reduce the pressure on the spine,avoid sports injuries.The handle diameter is about 1.4 inches.
Multifunctional: Jump rope included .Our pull up bar tower can support many kinds of exercises like pull-up, dips, chin-ups, knee raise,etc,perfect for home, office, gym.
Height Adjustable: Four Non-slip rubber foot pads to keep dip stand stable on floor,equipped with 8 levels adjustable height(62.2"- 84.5"),realize your fitness goals.
Easy to Assemble: Easy installation,assemble tools and detailed instruction included,let you train easily in home and effectively exercise.