The pull-up bar occurs in most gyms, but you can also find it outside on the workout spot. Maybe you even have it at home, but you don’t know much about the pull-up bar workout. Many people think that it’s for men only, namely the strongest ones. After reading this article, you will for sure understand that this is not really the case.

The pull-up bar can serve for so much more than just pull-ups, muscle-ups, or other acrobatic stunts. There are other easier exercises suitable for almost everyone. In the article, you’ll learn how to perform them. You can then use them to diversify your training and give your body a new muscle and functional strength development impulse.

This power tower exercise equipment can train abdominal, arm, back,chest, shoulders and leg muscles effectively. This power tower serves as a multi-functional workout station, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises in different positions to achieve full-body workout and reach your fitness goals. It will assist you in achieving higher fitness goals to realize body-shaping, fat burning and muscle building in a high-efficiency way.

How to train on the pull-up bar?
You don’t have to worry about the pull-up bar exercises even when you’re a beginner. If you exercise regularly, you will soon see some great results.

Most of the pull-up bar exercises can be tailored to your ability. If you want to make them easier, use a resistance band, aka expander. It will reduce the load and help you fight gravity. If, on the other hand, the basic exercises are just too easy for you, add some load and move on to the next level. You can try to train with a weighted vest, or attach weight straps to your ankles. Another option is a belt with a plate or kettlebell hanging on it.
Include training of selected exercises regularly, at least twice a week. In the beginning, it is enough to do only a few repetitions (for example, 6-12 exercises, 3-5 sets). Increase these numbers as you gradually improve.
Try to perform every exercise slowly while controlling your movement. A correct performance should be your priority, not the number of reps. You will only improve by mastering the technique. You will learn to engage the right muscles, and you will prevent injuries and possible muscle imbalances.
In short, you don’t have to spend the whole training on the pull-up bar immediately. You can choose just some of the exercises below and include them in your training. For example, you will need the wide-grip overhand pull-ups to work out your back muscles, while when exercising the biceps, choose the chin-ups. And you can add knee lift or L-sit to your favourite ab exercises.
When you decide to train on the pull-up bar, bring the suspension trainer or gymnastic rings with you. You can easily attach these exercise aids to the pull-up bar and effectively work your arms, the core of the body and legs. This will alter your training even more. At the same time, you will engage the muscles you would just on the pull-up bar.

Besides, here are many features about the item

Sturdy & Stable: Power tower is made of high quality squre tube steel constructed with scratch-resistant coat, 2" thickness square tube thicker and wider,the middle dip bar can hold up to 600lbs and the top bar for pull up can hold up to 400lbs.

Comfortable: Step-up and humanized design with comfortable back cushion and elbow pads, effectively reduce the pressure on the spine,avoid sports injuries.The handle diameter is about 1.4 inches.

Multifunctional: Jump rope included .Our pull up bar tower can support many kinds of exercises like pull-up, dips, chin-ups, knee raise,etc,perfect for home, office, gym.

8 Levels Adjustable Height: The height of this standing pull up bar dip station can be adjusted from 62.2" to 84.5", fits for different body type while doing exercises.4 bottom anti slip feet keep workout equipment steady on the floor.

Easy to Assemble: Easy installation,assemble tools and detailed instruction included,let you train easily in home and effectively exercise.

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