In other words, what should we pay attention to when choosing a heater

First of off, How many heating using ways are there? Mainly including

(1). +/- adjustment of temperature, this is the most basic function

(2). Timer mode control, which can set the time to turn off the machine after sleep

(3). Whether there is Eco mode that can save energy

Secondly, Is there a noise function? We pay most attention to comfort when using the heater, which mainly depends on whether the heater is running without a fan, ultra-quiet, and no lights.

Last of all,  is it safe to use? It mainly depends on the power of the product, the material made, the heating method and the size of its applicable area.

Here is a recommended product, if you are interested, you can click in and take a look. Portable Electric Wall Mounted Heater, No Light, Quiet.

1. 【Freestanding/Wall Built-up】The warmer has equipped removable wheels when you need it to be portable, or you can mount it on the wall.

2. 【Multi Heating Option】5 type heating using way to meet your needs, adjust the best temperature by press +/-. And you can set a time to turn off the machine after you sleep with timer mode, and there’s also has Eco mode to save energy. Small size, but big use.

3. 【Quiet & Comfortable】Working with no noise, perfect heater to use when sleeping, protect your sleep quality. And also, it will not make the space too dry, friendly to your skin.

4.【Eco Mode and Safe Features】Eco function saves energy by automatically adjusting heat and power settings for the most comfortable and economical warmth. Power: 750W, 5 type heating option, X type aluminum heater, material: cold rolled steel plate +PP, Recommended room size: 5-10㎡.

Item Dimensions: 23.4" L × 5.7" W × 20.9" H

Power: 750 W

Recommended Room Size: 40-100 sq.ft