Home Water Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor - Supports up to 330 Lbs

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  • How loud is this machine when in use? (Perhaps compared to conventional fly-wheel varieties)

    Just the sound of water moving around the basin

  • How much water do you put in it?

    There is a fill line. I think about 2 gallons, maybe it's 3.

  • how high is the top of the seat from the floor? Is there a riser kit available?

    About a foot. Its the normal height off the ground for a rower.

  • Does this come as 2 separate shipments?

    Yes two boxes

  • Weight of product?

    Empty it weighs about 75lbs.

  • What is the box dimensions?

    Shipped in 2boxes. One is maybe 6ftx7inx7in, the other is maybe 32"x32"x32".

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good value

Great value.
Excellent packaging. No missing parts or damaged parts. Two instructions, similar but with different part list can be confusing. Make sure to take inventory of the bolts and screws and plan ahead to see where they will go...much of it is self explanatory. You will need a socket wrench, the one provided does not fit. Sturdy wood, all straight with no bucking or warping, pre drilled holes are quite accurate. Seat rollers are amazingly smooth and glides effortlessly. Looks pretty nice and is softer on the eye than a typical gym equipment. Would not recommend for those who have difficulty with general assembly or troubleshooting. Some sections will need assistance of another person. Roughly 4-5 gallons to fill to max line so use a large bucket. I was apprehensive since it was not prime vs sunny health which was but that one was metal. It was quite risky as i too have a short fuse for bs but returned here to thank jonathan for the review and pointers and also to say that i am satisfied with the product. I believe the original water rower is near a grand and for nearly half that, it a very acceptable compromise. The display unit is a bit flimsy, doesnt bother me too much. Again...if you're not handy with assembling things make sure to have someone ready who is....because the unit is made of wood, its probably best not to over tighten or over torque the screws<-------make sure to find somebody that understands this.

Overall good purchase if you can get past the assembly

I waited to write this review so that I would have a chance to use the rower for a few days and so would the members of my family. That way I could give the most accurate information. For starters, shipping was SUPER FAST! To be more specific, upon purchase I was notified by Amazon that it would take 1-2 weeks for the machine to arrive. The rower was delivered 3 days later!It's like a big, wooden, expensive puzzle in a box, for lack of a better description. It took my husband around an hour to hour and a half to do what should have taken, maybe, 20-30 minutes with proper instructions. This is counting all of the time including removing the machine from the box and laying out all of the parts and pieces. Now if you make it past this hurdle, the rower itself seems to be a good purchase! It was easy to fill the water tank, although we chose to use a funnel and just poured the water into the tank instead of using the siphon that is included but either way works. The wood is heavy duty and high quality and the materials are, overall, quite impressive for the price. As for use of the machine, I would have to give it 4.5 out of 5 if it were possible.

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