60"L Folding Portable Pet Ramp for Car, Gear Slip-Resistant Surface Safety Dog Ramp, Supports Up to 165 Lb

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The Folding Dog Ramp is a great choice for dogs who struggle to reach the car on their own. It supports animals up to 165 pounds, and the High-traction ridged surface gives their paws plenty of traction. Sturdy rubber feet and side rails ensure your pet stays secure as the climb up and down. And at only 9 pounds, it's simple to fold up and stow away in your vehicle when not in use.


Anti-Slip Surface: Give your furry friend a leg up to reach new heights with this folding dog ramp; High-traction ridged walking surface grants your dog a reliant and paw-friendly ramp to walk up and down without slipping or falling.

Protective Design: Raised side rails act as structural guards for your pet’s safety; Four rubber feet keep the ramp stable and prevent the ramp from slipping/sliding while in use.

Sturdy & Durable: Overall high-quality PP material dog ramp, PP that is a high density, lightweight, heat resistant, durable,non-toxic material. Support up to 165lbs.; An ideal solution for protecting pet’s joints, suitable for small, younger, older, or injured pets.

Easy Compact Storage: About 9-pound lightweight product features a foldable design to be easily portable and storable without occupying much space; The side of the ramp has a lock catch to prevent accidental opening and convenient storage.

NO-Assemble Required: Just take off the packaging and you’re good to go; Simply rinse with water for cleaning; Fits most vehicles, trucks, SUVs.


Color: Black

Material: Polypropylene

Item Weight: 9.2 Pounds

Load Capacity: 165 Pounds

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

Dog Door Item Type: Safety Ramps

Product Dimensions (unfold): 60 x 16 x 6 inch

Product Dimensions (fold): 31 x 16 x 8 inch

Applications: Outdoor, Travel, Car

Recommended Setting Height: Less than or equal to 28 inches, otherwise the tilt Angle will be too high and the dog will slip.

1. Use the calculation formula: arcsin(H/L).

H is the height to be reached, L is the length of the ramp.You can calculate the angle of Inclination.A height below 30 inches is recommended.

Please note this ramp is recommended not to be set too high, and a flatter Angle is preferred,Otherwise it will get a little slippery for dogs due to the excessive tilt Angle.

2. Dogs are very intelligent animals, but they may not be able to use it at first. At this time, the master should exercise him patiently, guide him and encourage him. During the training process, we recommend that you make the ramp flat and let the dog slowly accept it first. If the dog is still afraid at this time, you can try to put a carpet or other traction on the ramp to let the dog adapt to it first. Then gradually try to increase the height of the ramp to train it. Whenever he completes a task, even the first time, reward him! ! Until you use it proficiently. The patience of the owner is also very important to them. The proficient use of the dog is inseparable from the joint efforts of the owner and the dog!

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Ask a Question
  • Can it be used in a pool?

    This dog ramp can be used in water, but it may float on the surface because it is too light.thanks.

  • Can this be used outdoors for porch stairs?

    ,yes, it can. The dog ramp is suitable for various scenes, such as stairs, pools, high beds, sofas, cars. Before that, you just pay attention to the size between the stair and the ramp. Hoping that will help you.

  • Is this ramp resistant for a 120lb Rottweiler? Also is this ramp good for a jeep Liberty?

    The Dog Ramp is the light ramp. And though it weighs only 9.2 pounds, it can still support over 165 pounds. The ramp can be used on any vehicle.

  • What are the dimensions of this product?

    In the unfold state:60''(L) x 16''(W) x 6''(H). In the fold state:31''(L) x 16''(W) x 8''(H)

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