8 Gallon Pressurized Water Tank for SUVs, Vehicles, Pick-up Trucks Water Supply and Outdoor Activities Water Supply

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The 8 gallon water tank comes with mounts for your roof rack and will work with platform or cross bar style racks (with additional hardware). It is ideal for on-the-go showers, cleaning and rinsing equipment, and any time you need pressurized water. Take it camping, fishing, to the beach, off-roading, or anywhere your life meets the great outdoors!


Premium Material: This water tank is designed with high-strength welded aluminum and magnesium alloys, brass accessories, and black powder coating, which can better absorb sunlight.. Pressurized water tank could be warmed up well under hot sunny weather, so take good caution with testing the water before use, plus maybe avoid skin contact with the tank itself. And the thickened water tank shell and strict leak proof testing make it won’t leak water.

Easily Pressurize: The pressurized roadshower water tank is pressurized using an air pump. The pressurized water tank holds 8 gallons of water, the sun heats the water up to 30°C, and you can also use the shower head to enjoy a hot bath outdoors.

Multiple Function: After surfing and beach trips, motocross, camping, fishing, hunting, trail riding, hiking, mud driving, for spraying mud on tires, cleaning muddy bicycles, dirty bowls, sandy hands, sandy feet, and shoes, etc.

Safe and Stable: Equipped with anti loosening nuts, not easy to fall off, welded aluminum structure, not easy to sink or bend, conducive to safe use in complex outdoor environments.

Easily Assemble: Equipped with installation instructions (cannot be installed upside down), installation requires a roof rack and cannot be installed on the side of the rack.

ATTENTION: The pressurized camping shower water tank delivers 30L (8 gal), please consider its weight before buying a pressurized water tank, plan to have a roof rack that can support 8 gallons (about 67 lbs), plus another 30 lbs for a safe 100 lbs (this is just static)


Case Material: Aluminum

Mounting Hardware Material: Stainless Steel

Surface Finish: Powder Coating

Net Weight: 28.5lbs

Capacity: 30L (8 gal)

Set Pressure 55~65PSI

Crossbar Spread: 24"-50"

Roof Rack Load Limits: Racks with a limit of 165lbs and up.

NOTE: Periodically check inside of nozzle for hard water deposits and clean accordingly.


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  • What are the dimensions of this tank?

    Hi, the dimension is 51.2" x 8.7"x 6.3". Hoping that will help you.

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