Garden Kneeler and Seat Heavy Duty Gardening Stool with Tool Bag & EVA Kneeling Pad

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  • Does this item require any assembly?

    No assembly needed. It comes folded and you pull the sides till it’s open. The only problem is that they don’t tell you how to fold it when you’re done!! You have to squeeze the coils at the cushion.

  • Is the seat covered?

    No. As you might be able to see from the picture, the "seat" is a rubbery pad that sits on top of a hard support that is firmly fastened to lateral supports. When you turn the device upside down, the "seat" becomes a "kneeler" with its own rubbery pad to kneel on. The product is comfortable as a either a padded surface to kneel on or sit on, depending on your work position. I use mine while working outside around the house or working inside on the hard basement concrete floor. It's a good product and the sides fold with the longer legs toward the pad to minimize storage space

  • Why is this one so much less expensive than others that appear to be identical?

    This one is nicely made. Folds up easy and it’s very sturdy and the pads are very comfortable and the pouch is an extra plus this one is well worth the money don’t need to spend more

  • How much weight will this hold?

    Probably somewhere between 250 and 300 pounds siting or kneeling. I weigh a little over 200 and I don't feel the device "give" when I am sitting or kneeling.

  • How do I fold it up?

    You just pull the handles and it folds down. Very easy to open and close.

  • How high is the seat in the sitting position?

    I have put it up for the winter, but I can easily sit down and stand up, maybe 20 inches!

  • What is the seat height?

    The sitting height is about 16 inches.

  • How heavy is this Garden Kneeler?

    It only weighs 5lbs!

  • Dimensions of pad?

    The pad is 6 inches x 16 inches. Width of seat is 21 1/2 inches

  • Do you make a more heavy duty version of the garden kneeler and seat?

    Hi, yes we have , you can search the KM3427 in our website.The weight of this product is relatively high
    Or you can also click the link to see:

  • how deep (front to back) is the cushion?

    The cushion is 6 inches front to back.

  • Exactly how thick are all pads?

    The pads are the thicknesses stated. The entire seat is 2 inches thick due to the metal between the cushions.

  • What are the seats made of?

    The seats are foam, very think and soft. Works good on my knees.

  • How much weight will it hold when being sat on????

    The product states  it will hold 300 lbs.I weigh 260 lbs and it holds me fine. Sitting or kneeling.So th think the product description is right!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very sturdy garden kneeler

Very sturdy garden kneeler. Folds up easily for storage, the handles make it easy to get up using the handles.

Great sturdy little bench

Great sturdy little bench. I'm a little short to have it be completely comfortable to lean down and weed but its doable, and the kneeing side works great. A great little seat for doing work that would require squatting or kneeling.

it make gardening so much easier and comfortable!

Second one I've purchased, it make gardening so much easier and comfortable!

I love this easy folding

I had a similar gardening chair in the past that was lost in our last move and could hardly wait to find another to replace it. I love this easy folding, well-made, kneeler stool that can also be used as a bench. It has a convenient tool pouch that fits over the handle in either the kneeler or bench mode. When folded, it is pretty flat and light enough to hang on my garage storage shelf using a short bungee cord. Both my wife and I have some knee pain while kneeling; however, the padded material on this product makes this product much more comfortable than others I have used. The two handles used while kneeling, double as stool legs with reversed and there is padding on both sides of the seat. This is a nice portable bench that is great to sit on at outdoor ballgames and events, as well as a garden-kneeler. It is also the perfect height for use as ottoman-like support under a desk for people who are back at work following knee surgery or those who need or would like a portable leg-rest for use at work, on the patio and other places. I love this sturdy, quality product and bet you will like its utility too. I recommend it to friends, family, and others looking for a useful stool/kneeler. Enjoy!

one the best thing

one the best things u ever bought, it saves on your knees

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