Once your baby starts crawling, you cannot ignore the fact that they face the risk of falling down the stairs. It is inevitable in their growth but this comes with more challenges.

You may also want to stop the child from accessing certain rooms and this is possible by having retractable baby gates. One of the key areas that pose a safety challenge is the stairs. To restrict the movement of the child going up and down stairs, retractable gates at the top and bottom of the staircase are great.

The decision to source the right retractable baby gates, or retractable safety gate, to have around the house should be reached upon making various considerations.

There are different retractable gates available that are designed in such a way that they are can fit into various dimensions. They are also easy to install allowing you to take it easy while doing it.

When purchasing the best retractable safety gates to ensure baby safety, there are various factors that you will need to consider to make it work for you. Apart from being used on the stairs, retractable gates may also be used in hallways or openings and doorways between rooms.

The first factor that you should consider is the space that you need to block. The dimension of stairs varies depending on the house and, therefore, you can’t simply go into the baby store and pick the first one that comes your way as you may have an extra wide gap to plug.

Here is the Baby Gate that we recommended:

 Child Safety Gate Retractable Baby Gate 34.4" Tall, Extends to 59" Wide, White

Features about the baby Gate:

Retractable & Space-saving Design: The 34.4" tall baby gate is capable of extending up to 54" width, thus fitting most doors. At the same time, it is very smooth to pull out and roll-up. When not in use, the baby gate can be fully retracted to save space.

Suitable for Multiple Occasions:In addition to being used to protect 6-24-month-old babies, this 34.4" high safe gate can serve as a pet gate as well. It's suitable for doorways, corridors, kitchens, top, and bottom of stairs, balconies, front porches, and other places.

One-handed Operation: Considering mom's convenience, the baby gate is designed with a one-handed locking system which means moms can open or close the gate effortlessly even holding a baby. Just a simple 2 step operation: Press & push to lock/unlock the pet gates; Pull the handle to extend the gate.

Safe Material & Stable Structure: This retractable baby gate designed with a strong mesh to prevent our baby from any hurt when they accidentally bumped into the door, built with high-quality ABS+PVC Mesh which is lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant. 

Keep Baby & Pet Safe: This gate can help you to keep your kids and pets at a safer place. Install it at the doorways, hallways, porch to locks the way for your toddler dog cat to keep them at a certain range place to avoid the possible danger. Make you feel ease at home.

Some Specifications about the Baby Gate: 

Material:  High-Quality ABS+PVC Mesh

Package Dimensions: 34.4" (H) x 54" (Up to wide)

Item Weight: 3.75 pounds

Ideal for infants 6 to 24 months and medium-sized dogs up to 40 pounds

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Baby Gate