For all parents, there’s no greater joy than seeing your kids’ smile when you buy them a new toy, which is the most rewarding when they’re at their youngest. Not only do these toys provide them with countless hours of fun, but they also help kids develop their general coordination and fine and gross motor skills.

With this in mind, the pedal cart is comparatively suitable for the kids, but you need to notice the age of your kids before you would like to choose a pedal cart for them. For the children within the available age
You can choose a pedal cart from different types of push and pedal ride-on toys.

Here are some important points for choosing the great and suitable pedal cart:

Constructed by U.S. standard environmentally friendly materials and thick steel tube construction makes this bicycle cart sturdy, safe, odorless, light in weight but with a weight capacity of up to 80 pounds.

The steering wheel of the kart has a sound button, built-in horn, music, etc. On the premise of ensuring safety, it can also add extra fun to playtime.

The front protection cover and seat are adjustable and has two positions. You may move the front protection cover upper and seat as your child grows.

Equipped with a safety brake lever for emergency braking in critical situations, The seat belt on the seat also provides double safety guarantee for your child.

This kart is equipped with 4 EVA foam anti-skid tires, Applicable to all kinds of roads, such as grass,asphalt roads and even speed bumps.

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Besides, here are many specifications about the Outdoor Play Toy Racer Car

Material: Steel + PP

Color: white

Overall Dimensions: 44"x 22.5" x 24"(L*W*H)

Load Capacity: 80 lbs

Suitable Age: 3~8 years old

Package includes: 1 x Kids go kart ;1 x Manual