Like surfing, stand up paddle boarding is a lifestyle that can really draw people in. There is the adrenaline rush of dropping into a wave while stand up paddle surfing, the feeling of being at one with nature as you paddle around just before sunset, the unique prospective that you get once you start walking on water where people usually don’t “walk”, and the adventure and camaraderie of exploring new places with new people in a new sport. It’s a great sport.

First off, great choice! Paddle boards are super fun and an awesome form of exercise. Second, we’re here to help you with the research aspect of your purchase. Paddle boards aren’t exactly cheap, and if you’re going to invest that type of money in sports equipment, it’s a good idea to make a well-informed decision.

Here is the paddle board that we recommended:

There are many features about the recommended paddle board:

Safety: Made of high-quality PVC material, lightweight and high strength, non-slip deck, with a leash, suitable for beginners.
Maneuverability: Wide board, easy to stand, comes with a paddle and ventral fin at the bottom to increase water control and stability.
Inflatable SUP Set: Includes SUP, backpack, paddle, leash, fin, double action hand pump, repair kit, 4 small D-ring with elastic.
Portable Inflatable SUP: Use the pump to quickly inflate and deflate, fold it in a backpack for easy carrying and transportation.

Besides, there are many specifications about the paddle board:

Size: 120"(L) x 30"(W) x 6"(T)
Paddle Length: 67"-82.6"
Item weight: 22.05 lbs
Weight capacity: 265 lbs
Materials: High-quality support materials, strong weight capacity.
Inflatable:Can be inflated and carried in a backpack.
Central fin: Reduce drag, increase speed.
Medium board: 9’-12’, it is the ideal size for multifunctional boards.
Paddle: Adjustable length:67"-82.6", suitable for beginners of different heights.

Package Content:

1 x Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board,

1 x Backpack,

1 x Aluminum Paddle,

1 x Double Action Pump,

1 x Fin,

1 x Leash,

1 x Repair Kit (Glue, valve fixer material swatch)

1 x User Manual