The hot summer days are continuing and the heat and dryness are unbearable, How to solve this problem has become a matter of concern. Although the air conditioner can lower the temperature of the whole room, but stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, "air-conditioning disease" also comes. Traditional electric fans produce air through the physical rotation of the fan blades, which does not bring you a cool feeling. Good thing there is a new member of the cooling family - the tower cooling fan.

cool fan

In the eyes of many consumers, tower cooling fan is just an upgraded version of the traditional electric fan. "It's not just an electric fan with a different shape? What's the difference?" Do not underestimate the changes in shape, it is this tower structure so that its wind area and a wider range, can cool the whole body, even if the baby crawling on the ground can also feel the wind, to avoid the traditional fan "head big body thin", can not blow the whole body of the problem, not only that, the tower cooling fan does not have a traditional fan fan blades, relying mainly on built-in cross-flow Not only that, the tower fan does not have traditional fan blades, mainly relying on the built-in cross-flow wind turbine to generate airflow, so the airflow is much larger than traditional fans.

High airflow and wide-area winds alone are not a panacea. If the fan sends not cold air, but only the use of the rapid stirring of the fan blades to form wind pressure to send room temperature wind, for people is only a drop in the bucket. Cooling fans have unique components and uses that allow them to deliver the same air as an air conditioner.

In addition to meet the consumer's conventional cooling needs, tower cooling fan also because it does not have an exposed fan blade is considered safe enough by most people, I also think so. The fan blade of the traditional fan is exposed, and only covered with a net cover, if there is a mistake in the design, the net cover gap is too large, in case of curiosity in the family's bear children touching the west and grabbing, hand into the fan, the consequences are unimaginable. Tower cooling fan is not only the fan blade hidden, and the air grille mouth is smaller, this design can also avoid accidentally hurt the child.

Bosonshop's cooling fan, with three smart wind speeds to choose from: natural/normal/sleep, allows you to enjoy a comfortable breeze at any time in any scenario.

The Bosonshop cooling fan can be controlled remotely via the remote control, which allows you to set a timer for up to 12 hours, as well as a 35 decibel operating sound for peace of mind while you sleep. Equipped with a 3L water tank to give you long-lasting coolness, the tank can also be completely removed for easy cleaning.

Meanwhile, the Bosonshop cooling fan has a simple and stylish design that won't look out of place in your living room or bedroom. It also makes a great decoration when not in use.