As a household appliance, the refrigerator is naturally not unfamiliar to everyone, and has been completely popularized. But in the automobile field, the car refrigerator this configuration is not so common, and only in the last few years began to popularize, and only in some positioning or price is relatively high in the car equipped with. If you don't have a car refrigerator and need to use it, you need to buy a suitable car refrigerator, Bosonshop car refrigerator has a reasonable price, high compatibility volume, rich features and excellent performance, which can reduce a lot of trouble when you buy.

There are two main types of car refrigerators on the market: semiconductor and compressor. The principle of semiconductor car refrigerator is through the electronic semiconductor refrigeration piece of Peltier effect for cold and heat conversion, can be cooling and heating. Its structure is simple, low cost, the disadvantage is that the cooling effect is limited, basically can not do below 0 ℃, cooling speed is also relatively slow. Compressor type is a traditional refrigerator technology, refrigeration temperature is low, high efficiency, large size, but this refrigerator needs to be placed in a relatively smooth position, if not placed well is likely to cause the compressor downtime.Bosonshop car refrigerator uses the refrigeration capacity and efficiency of the compressor type is better at the same time using a unique design can withstand 30 ° tilt, so that the refrigerator to deal with more outdoor scenes. The Bosonshop is designed to withstand a 30° tilt. Thanks to the excellent compressor Bosonshop's car refrigerator can be set from -22℃ to 20℃, such a wide range of temperature settings can make it meet more needs.

As people's quality of life improves, there is a new demand for freshness in food. A car refrigerator provides you with a mobile freshness. Not only that, some medicines that need to be kept frozen/refrigerated, such as insulin, can likewise be put in a car refrigerator, adding a layer of security to your travel. In the increasingly hot summer, frozen drinks and ice creams become the most immediate task of the car refrigerator. How cool it is to take out a bottle of ice Sprite from the car when you are cooling off outdoors! Bosonshop car refrigerator is designed for outdoor travel, suitable for cars and trucks and other models, with two input voltages to be set (DC12V/24V). 49L large capacity to meet the use of the whole family on the road, but also can be divided into a freezer area and a refrigerated area, so you can have a cold drink and ice cream at the same time, let you! Summer outdoor is no longer hot.

As a product used for outdoor traveling, Bosonshop car refrigerator has excellent quality, simple appearance and various thoughtful designs, such as energy saving/high efficiency modes to choose at will, conversion of different temperature units, LED display and so on. Bosonshop is currently in the summer sale, surprise price waiting for you!