Summer is here, and there is a year of surfing season. After watching many surfing videos or articles, you must be eager to try. But for many novices, don't know What is the best paddle board for a beginner. If you also have this problem, then just read this article.

paddle board


  1. Long
  2. wide
  3. Thick
  4. weight
  5. Displacement

Determine the displacement

It should be noted that among these 5 parameters, the first three can be said to be independent of each other and do not affect each other, but the last two are the results of the first three parameters. But the basic starting point for buying a surfboard is to buy the one that suits you.
What is suitable for you? It is to meet or slightly higher than one's surfing level. What parameters should you use to measure your own level? The most effective is the displacement of the board. This is easy to understand. The larger the displacement of the board, no matter what its length or width, the more it resembles a boat, the more people feel safer. And the sense of security is what the novice surfer needs most.

According to junior high school physics, displacement means the volume submerged in water, which means the amount of board. Under the same foam material, the greater the drainage, the more foam and the heavier the board. This means that the flexibility of the board will decrease. This is also easy to understand, a fat person is naturally not as flexible as a thin person. However, this parameter is not as important as the displacement.

So the first step, you need to know whether you want to make a long board or a short board, and also know how many displacement boards you want to buy. Since the foam board has been washed for a long time, the drainage volume of the foam board can be used as a benchmark.

Displacement is a range, and novices do not need to be too precise when buying boards.

paddle board

Determine the width

So what does wide mean? The width determines the stability and flexibility. Stability and flexibility are actually two sides of the blade, one is going to go down and the other is good. The narrower the board, the more swaying (both degrees of freedom are greater). The wider the board, the more stable it is, but it is difficult to turn and drift (both degrees of freedom are small). This understanding is not difficult. For novices, high stability means a high sense of security. However, due to the high stability, it is difficult to make turns. Advanced actions such as Cutback and Bottom Turn are not helpful for improving one's own level. Therefore, in the choice of width, it also depends on what kind of expectations Ronin himself has for the change of boards.

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Determine the length

What does that long represent? The following conclusions are not precise but broadly correct. The longer the board, the faster the speed. Why is it inaccurate? Because the shape of the board has an influence on this rule. Pro-test a 5'4'' Cymatic and a 5'8'' SCIFI difference by 1L, but the Cymatic is faster. If you ask why, I can't say a single reason, only the influence of shape. So why is it broadly correct? Because the long board is definitely faster than the short board. Therefore, as long as the width (stability and flexibility) is appropriate, if you want the speed to be fast, make it as long as possible.

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Follow the above steps to choose a paddle board and basically you can choose a board that suits you. Thickness is a lower priority parameter for novices. It mainly affects flexibility and weight. For intermediate and advanced friends, the parameter of a large-scale tail flick or aerial movement must be taken into consideration.



I understand that buying a surfboard is not a small amount for ordinary people. Everyone wants to spend money to buy a board that is always suitable for them. This is delusional, especially for novices. Because the level of Ronin during this period is improving, but the board has not changed. The correct attitude of buying a board is that buying a board can help you advance. The surfboard is just a stepping stone to upgrade yourself.