When doing outdoor housework, a suitable garden hose reel can reduce a lot of boredom and exhaustion in the work. If you move a long hose from the front yard to the back yard, and then put it in the garage, this is a very troublesome thing.

 Garden Hose Reel 50 Feet Retractable Garden Hose Line Wall Mount Easy to Remove

Benefits of garden hose reel

  1. Having a high-quality garden hose reel can save you a lot of trouble and back pressure;
  2. Keep the hose tidy and store it aside when not in use to save space;
  3. Convenient to use anywhere
  4. It is safer. Too many hoses may become a problem when doing heavy landscaping or playing outdoors with children.

What is the garden hose reel made of?

Most are metal or heavy plastic. Metal reels are usually made of aluminum, and heavy-duty models are made of steel.

Three types of garden hose reels

Wall-mounted: Installed on the outer wall near the spool of the faucet. It is usually set two to three feet above the ground. Since these are installed, they will not go from housework to housework. If your lawn area is small and space is not an issue, this may be the right choice. If you plan to do housework far away from each other, it is best to have multiple wall-mounted reels. Can provide manual spool or spring retractable spool model.

Cart style: The spool is mounted on a frame with wheels to facilitate the repositioning of the hose. It comes in handy when your rolled-up hose is too heavy to carry with you. Only applicable to hand-operated spools.

Hose cabinet: essentially a closed box placed on the ground, the hose is hidden inside when not in use. Rewinding can be done manually, using spring-powered return, or automatic return options. The perfect combination of form and function. Some cabinets can be beautifully decorated.

Material of the hose cabinet

The hose cabinets are made of plastic, resin, wrought iron and steel. Because the hose cabinet is usually bulky, most people put it close to the faucet and only use hoses in certain areas. It is a great idea to place several hose cabinets close to key points of outdoor demand.

Garden Hose Reel

How to choose Garden Hose Reel?

  1. Length

The size of your garden will affect the length of the reel hose. If the garden is large, you will need a long hose reel to help you reach further corners. Measure the size of your garden before buying hose so you can choose the best hose reel.

  1. Easy to carry

Again, this is an important factor to consider when choosing a hose reel for a large garden. If the reel hose is large, you will need a lot of time to drag it all the time. Therefore, in order to transport the garden reel hose to the garden safely, please purchase a hose with wheels at the bottom to ensure comfortable transportation. Or more accurately, choose a product designed for wall mounting, because you don't need to carry it with you all the time.

  1. Durability

If the device is left outside, it should be made of durable materials that can withstand damage caused by weather changes. If it is made of steel material, please choose a coating with a non-rusting substance to ensure the safety of the reel hose and prevent rust.

  1. Diameter

Ask yourself how much water pressure you want the garden reel hose to provide, as it will determine the diameter of the purchase.


If you need to use a hose reel for light watering, please consider using an retractable watering hose, because it can be expanded to a suitable size to control the water output of the hose. However, if you need to water a large area, the standard size coiled hose is the right choice for you, because it can produce high-strength water for quick watering.