There is nothing better than playing in the swimming pool, beach or lake. Do you know what a floating mat is? It has many sizes and can be placed on the surface of a lake, swimming pool, or sea, and supports many people playing or lying on it without being pushed into the water. So you can float on the floating mat or play with a group of people. Moreover, when you are not using them, it is easy to roll it up for storage or take it anywhere.

Bosonshop 9' x 6' Foam floating mat

Why are floating mats so expensive?

There are two types of materials for floating pads, one is closed-cell foam floating pads and the other is inflatable pads. The price of inflatable cushions will be cheaper than foam cushions. Although the foam material is simple, it is expensive, heavy, and expensive in terms of material and transportation costs. Covers are expensive because they are made of strong textiles and are expensive. They tend to be thicker than inflatable, and the thicker the cushion, the more weight it can support.

What should you consider buying a floating mat?

Firstly, The size of the floating mat is most important. When you buy a floating mat, you should consider how many people will use it at a time. The load-bearing capacity of each mat is different. This has to do with its material and the number of layers; a larger water cushion made of two layers of durable foam can hold several adults, and these options are often more suitable for purchase. Nonetheless, a larger floating mat means more expensive. On the other hand, if you are just floating alone, you can use a cheaper single-layer cushion, which is about 275 pounds.

The Second factor is price. Under $200, you will find a series of inflatable floating cushions, but the size is relatively small and only suitable for a few adults. Under $500, you will find that most of them are foam floating mats ranging from 9 x 6 feet to 18 x 6 feet, suitable for most people. Under $1000, you will find larger, thicker, and highly buoyant foam floating mats that can be up to 22 feet in length and can accommodate a dozen adults and children. The most common choice is to buy a 9 x 6-foot foam floating mat.

The third consideration is thickness. Generally speaking, thicker cushions provide a firm surface, not just load-bearing.

Products Recommended: 

Bosonshop 9' x 6' Foam floating mat is very suitable for lying or running on the lake or sea. To give you peace of mind, this floating mat is made of bold and interesting yellow, which greatly provides visibility on the sea surface.

The material is made of 3 layers of high-quality XPE foam to ensure high tear resistance and puncture resistance. Suitable for adults and children weighing less than 560-660 pounds. The surface is very soft and skin-friendly, allowing you to relax comfortably when lying on it. In addition, this floating mat from Bosonshop allows you to engage in exciting activities, water sports, relaxation and water parties.

The weight is twelve pounds with a pair of storage straps and a 60-inch bungee cord. This floating water cushion is lightweight and easy to roll up.

Bosonshop 9' x 6' Foam floating mat Review

The mesh layer is sandwiched between the foam layers to prevent the cushion from tearing. If you take care of it, it can be used for many years. It is also easy to clean. You can just use soap and water.

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