Typically, the main reason we see people purchasing retractable awnings, retractable folding lateral arm awnings and retractable patio covers is for the shade that they offer. While our  call this shade, we always refer to it as “sun protection”.

You might be asking “Why should I get retractable awnings or other products for my property?” Maybe you are wondering about the different advantages and benefits that owning retractable awnings and patio cover systems offers. If you need to know why retractable awnings, patio covers and other products are better than their stationary predecessors, then you’ve come to the right place.

Consider long-term cost savings

Every time you cover a window of any kind, protect a door or extend some extra shade over your patio, pergola or deck on a very sunny and/or hot day, you are keeping some of that sun out of your property. As you might already know, sun will turn into heat as it’s brought inside. Over time, this heat spreads and adds extra strain and demand to heating and cooling systems in a property. Through effective shade and sun protection,you will save on energy bills related to heating and cooling. Keep in the sun when you want it, and get rid of it when you don’t, it’s that simple.
You can also enhance the cooling potential of areas with retractable awnings, patio covers and other systems by taking some simple measures. Installing fans will improve air flow in an area and improve cooling efforts. You can also choose fabrics that reflect sunlight, displace heat and offer enhanced shading.

Awnings Can Be Retracted During Severe Weather
With stand-alone non-retractable awnings and patio covers, it’s a dice-roll every time the bad weather rolls in. Each time the item is damaged by severe winds and other intense weather conditions, costly repairs await. Instead, retractable awnings’ folding lateral arm awnings and patio cover systems can be drawn back during bad weather. This way they stay completely undamaged, and as soon as the weather’s nice again, it can be pulled out to help with some extra shade.

You must be careful with any awning, retractable or not. Each product has specific wind, rain and hail ratings that dictate how well they fare during different types of severe weather. It’s important for you to know when it’s appropriate to have the awning or patio cover out, and when to pull it back in. In other words, it’s important to know the limitations of awnings, and really any other product you’re installing in or on a property.

Retractable Awnings Will Protect Upholstery and Flooring, Indoors and Outdoors
Many people have already gone through the quite-unpleasant experience of having the sun “bleach” something. That is because the sun dries things out and drains the richness of colors over time through solar radiation exposure. This entire process can be extremely frustrating for new property owners. Anyone wondering how to prevent sun bleaching of furniture and flooring inside and outside a property should look into installing retractable awnings and patio covers.

When the sun is more severe, the awning is expanded, and when the sun subsides, it can be retracted so that the great outdoors can be enjoyed once again from the window or door in question. Retractable awnings and other retractable sun protection products can be fitted with sun-resistant fabrics. Some can also be supported with timers, so they retract and expand automatically during the day or evening.

Here is the Awning we recommented for you

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Retractable & Great coverage: Compared with the general size, this outdoor sun shade size is 118"x 63", which is dark enough to provide maximum coverage. Automatic spring design easily blocks the view of your back patio from neighbors, draw out a private space, bringing a calm and peaceful afternoon

All Weather Resistance: Made of durable polyester fabric, this shed has the function of waterproof and UV-resistance. It can effectively prevent being sunburned or splashed by water,even the wind of the season, bringing you a peaceful and relaxing environment

Elegant Blocker for Wide-Use: Not only works in the backyard,it is also suitable for outdoor occasions such as terraces, porches or balcony lights.It can also be used in offices,dressing rooms or clinics, screens have a decent amount of tension even at less than full extension, which comes for a nice wrinkle-free elegant appearance

Easy to Assemble Use: the side awning is super convenient to install,only need to first fix the shell to the wall, and then fix the column to the floor,concrete or deck, and directly pull the barrier, you can easily get a shaded space

Durable&stable: Made of high-quality all-aluminum frame,this neat and strong privacy divider can support your long-term use.Thickened fixed edges and base once increase its stability,and the smooth, solid gray surface also adds a touch of ornamental beauty.


Material: Polyester, Aluminum

Item Dimensions: 118(L) x 5(W) x 63(H) inches

Fabric Type: Polyester

Extendable size: up to 118”