Space heaters are a must-have in the winter months when temperatures drop. During the winter months, the right electric heater can transform even the coldest draftiest room into a warm oasis.
What can I use a space heater for?
The following are just a few things you can use your space heater for:

Provide heat in outdoor spaces – Space heaters are great for improving the comfort and usability of outdoor living areas, such as a porch or deck, when it's colder outside.

Heat a small space in an energy efficient manner – Heating the entire house just to heat the room you're in is extremely inefficient. A space heater will allow you to save energy by only heating the room you're currently in.

Provide supplemental warmth to rooms that don't receive effective heating – Some parts of your home may not be heated effectively by your heating system. For example, the basement or garage. Space heaters can be quite useful for areas such as these.

Therefor, we need to prepare a heater in advance.

And before choosing a heater, we need to pay attention to many features and specifications:

And here is the space heater that we recommended:


Personalized Comfort: Straightforward LED display and remote control offer a wide range of customization in thermostat (5℃-37℃ / 40℉-98℉), timer (0-12h), heating mode (1500W/900W/600W/Kids), child lock and more, area heated (Sq. Ft.): 250, Dimension: 43.3"L 4.5"W 16.3" H

Safety First: ETL listed. Built-in tip-over switch, automatically shut off at about 45 degrees of tilt, so it will turn off before it lands. Cool touch design, does not get real hot to the touch anywhere on the outside which works well around kids and pets.

Energy Efficient: Radiant heat, uses less energy than an oscillating kind. During the cold winter, our space heater will keep your house warm and toasty without running up your electric bill. Kids mode is the most economical!

Super Quiet Heater: Heats entire room without any noise.The space heater is very quiet so you’re not disturbed by a fan blowing when you are sleeping in bedroom or working in the home office.

Immediately Warm: The electric space heater adopt large and multiple aluminum heating sheets inside, making the instant heater so effective in distributing heat, throwing off a lot of heat as soon as it is turned on.


Material : Steel Housing+ PC+ABS

Voltage : 120V 60Hz

Mode Options: High (1500W), Medium (900W), Low/Kids(600W)

Dimension: 43.3" x 4.5" x 16.3"

Adjustable temperature range: 5-37℃ (41-99℉) , Celsius only

Heating area: up to 250 sq ft.

Timer function : 0-12h, 12-hour auto-off timer

Item Length: 43.3 in

Item Width: 4.5 in

Weight: 15.6 lbs

Heating Method: Fast Aluminum Heating

If you are interest in the heater, you can click the link below to buy it:

1500w heater