Silent 1500W Electric Baseboard Heater for Large Room Space - Efficient & Noiseless

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Elevate your room's comfort and heating experience with our 1500W Electric Baseboard Convection Heater. Designed for large spaces, this energy-efficient heater combines performance, convenience, and modern technology to keep you cozy.


Powerful Heating: With 1500 watts of heating power, this baseboard heater is perfect for warming up spacious rooms, ensuring a comfortable environment during chilly seasons.

Convection Heating: Utilizing convection technology, it circulates warm air throughout the room, providing consistent and even heat distribution without the noise of a fan.

LED Digital Display: Stay in control with the user-friendly LED digital display. Set your desired temperature and timer settings with ease, allowing you to tailor your comfort to perfection.

Energy Efficiency: Our heater is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you save on heating costs while maintaining a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Safety First: Equipped with safety features such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your space is heated safely.

Sleek Design: The heater's sleek and modern design blends seamlessly with any room decor, making it an attractive addition to your living space.

Enhance your home's heating system with the 1500W Electric Baseboard Convection Heater. Stay warm, save energy, and enjoy the convenience of digital control. Order now and experience the difference in comfort and style.


Material : Steel Housing+ PC+ABS

Voltage : 120V 60Hz

Mode Options: High (1500W), Medium (900W), Low/Kids(600W)

Dimension: 43.3" x 4.5" x 16.3"

Adjustable temperature range: 5-37℃ (41-99℉) , Celsius only

Heating area: up to 250 sq ft.

Timer function : 0-12h, 12-hour auto-off timer

Item Length: 43.3 in

Item Width: 4.5 in

Weight: 15.6 lbs

Heating Method: Fast Aluminum Heating

1. Child Lock

The child lock function of the heater can effectively solve the problem that your child accidentally touches the heater because of curiosity.

2. Remote Control

The presence of a remote control allows you to adjust the heater without leaving your comfortable sofa or bed.

3. Fast Heasting

The 360° three-dimensional circulation of the room heater for indoor use will make the room heat up quickly and evenly.

4. 12H Timer

This heater can set the heating power, temperature and time according to your heating requirements, thus saving your electricity bills.

5.Hidden Handle

Hidden handle design is not only beautiful but also saves effort so you can use and move easily.


6. LED Display

Select the function you need by controlling the LED display with finger touch, providing you with maximum convenience.



Ask a Question
  • I just purchased this space heater. Is this heater need to replace any parts or clean regularly? Any dust or hairs will go into the heater?

    Hi, normally the heater donesn't need to replace any parts or clean. It may be any dust go into the heater, but it does not affect normal use

  • How high can I put the temperature settings what the max degrees

    Remote control offer a wide range of customization in thermostat (5℃-37℃ / 40℉-98℉), so the max degrees is about 98℉

  • Does the heat come out both sides or only one side?

    Hi, teh heater operate primarily through convection, by heating a coil that is surrounded by air fins, allowing the heat to naturally rise and heat the air in the room.
    Hoping that will behelpful for you.

  • Can this heater be used for continuous use through the winter?

    Yes, you can but we don't suggest space heater be used to keep on for long unsupervised periods of time, including while sleeping

  • How long is the electrical cord??

    The power cord of this indoor electric heater is about 4.9ft

  • Is it 120 volt heater

    Yes.120v with standard US plug

  • Does this have a fan?

    hi,this 1500w electric heater doesn't have fan.It uses the principle of air convection to transfer heat.

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