2 Tiers Wooden Hamster Cage Exercise Play House w/ Jumping Board Climbing Ladder

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  • Does this cage have a bottom? In the picture it seems it doesn’t

    It does have one, but it is not removable like others.

  • Could this cage work for a Syrian hamster?

    Yes my daughter uses this for her Syrian and he loves it.

  • could this cage work for a hedgehog?

    It is perfect size for my hamster. I'm not sure if the size of a normal hedgehog would work.

  • Does it come with water bottle?

    Sorry, it does not.

  • Where can you place a exercise wheel? And can you take the ledges off ?

    You assemble this yourself. So if you don’t want the ledges then don’t add them. Actually there isn’t enough room for an exercise wheel with the small ledges installed.

  • Does it come with water bottle?

    No it does not.

  • does this come assembled and #2 is it send in original box--cus i want to gift it --hidden packaging ?

    It doesn't come assembled, but it is easy to assemble. Also it comes in original packaging, so you'll definitely want to mark it as a gift so they send it in  packaging. After assembling there is not much room for a wheel

Customer Reviews

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Struggled but got it together okay. After only a couple days the hamster ate they the wood and escaped. Right now I have duct tape covering the holes and it is holding but not sure for how long. I like the cage but wood just doesn’t work for animals that chew.

Sorry to hear that. Could you please send us the picture of your product so that we can help you find the reason and help you better.
By the way, May I ask how many months old your hamster is? And did you install the hamster cage firmly according to our instructions when you installed it? If the cage didn't be install firmly, it will be easy to loose and unsafe for the small animals.

Sorry to bring you a bad shopping experience, we really hope to provide a suitable solution for your question and hope you can enjoy better service when you come to our website to shop next time. Thanks. Have a good time!


Very good easy to assemble great price to

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