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Imagine a workout weight that reacts to your slightest movement. This fitness water bag is a device that brings a real leap for fitness. Compared to traditional sandbags, workout aqua bags can respond to your movements in a timely manner. When you lift the water tank, the water inside will flow from one side to the other based on your center of gravity, and your muscles must react immediately to maintain balance, so as to better exercise your strength and balance. This is a perfect fitness equipment that can train your full body!


  • The bags are quick to store and can be easily taken anywhere. No need to look for the nearest gym, or put your workouts on hold. When it’s empty, you can simply fold it up to bring with you. You can now easily stick with your fitness routine wherever you go!
  • Compared to traditional fixed-weight sandbags, the advantage of this workout water bag is that it allows you to experience unstable real-time-weight. The fitness aqua bag provides you with different weights for each movement, and promote muscle growth through this non-fixed weight, make your muscles stronger.
  • The aqua training bag is that to let you get full body exercise through the instability of water flow. When you lift the water bag, the water inside is always unstable. All muscles need to work together to maintain balance and strength if raise this fitness water bag over the head, so that the muscles in your whole body are activated and exercised.
  • Our fitness water tank uses a transparent PVC shell, so that you can clearly see the water capacity, and is also equipped with intimate water level to weight indicators, you can view the amount of water that needs to be added in real time.Thus meeting your multiple sports needs, which is very cost-effective.
  • Our Fitness Aqua bags are sturdy and made with only the highest quality materials to give you the best experience. We’ve made sure to construct our bags with your safety in mind, from the thick plastic material to the secure air/water valve, to make sure that no water ever slips out. Feel free to do all sorts of movements, like lifts, swings, curls, step-ups, and rows.


Color: Blue

Package Include:

1x Fitness Water Bag

1x Ink Pigment

1x Inflatable connector

1x Air Pump


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