Sturdy Corner W Shaped Computer Desk with Monitor Stand – Ideal for Home Office, Gaming, and Study Rooms

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  • Can it be assembled without the monitor stand / top shelf?

    Hi customer, assembling the table doesn't need the monitor stand / top shelf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brandon JS
Big desk, low price!

Some pros for the desk though is that it is big. More than enough room for two or even three monitors, even having your PC on the desk if you don't want it on the floor and it is too big to fit on the PC stand.

Value for the money is great. Especially if you want a big desk.

An L-Desk That ACTUALLY Makes Use of the Middle Section!!! BEWARE OF SETUP!

Here's the GOOD:

The list of affordable desks on Amazon is littered with L-Shaped desks that don't take advantage on the middle section. I don't want to be scooting my chair from side-to-side, only using 40% of the desk at each end and leaving the corner for random crap. The curved design of this desk lets you make use of that corner, allowing for more active space in your direct view and plenty space on the periphery that is within your reach (I'd say I can reach maybe 70-80% of the desk sitting at the middle section, with the edges left for things I don't need access to immediately). I haven't earthquake tested this, but it's sturdiness is more than serviceable (nothing special to say, it holds things and doesn't break, woohoo??)

Beautiful Desk

This desk would have received 5 stars if the Assembly institutions were a little better . I think the Chines think its funny. However with a little creative thinking you can figure it out. Also i think it should be about $20 cheaper. That being said it is a Beautiful Desk. And sturdy enough to hold a 50 Ib ATX computer tower and 37in ultra wide moniter next to a 27in wide monitor a Hotas , Razer mechanical key board and Key pad. I cant speak for the PC Tower Cart cause i cant see why anyone would want to put their PC on the floor under the deck . You want your PC to be able to breathe and have unobstructed air flow to keep cool. Plus my tower would never fit anyways This desk is huge , I am thinking about getting a second one to join with the one i have for my wife's computer when i get it built . This desk come in two package , you may get 1 one day and the next the other so don't freak out if this happen . The other parts will come. Assembly took only about 3 hours with one adult and his 2 and half year old daughter .

will Laws
Desk & Customer Support is AMAZING

To be honest, I pretty much have nothing bad to say about this desk. You definitely get what you pay for, and in my opinion, so much more. I was having a hard time finding a desk within my budget that was big enough to fit my 38" monitor which has a HUGE stand. I have owned other desks that said they were 'sturdy', but they would always wobble just by writing or typing on them and once or twice a month I had to re-tighten the screws. Which for $100 or more, is absolute b!@#%^&t. This desk has NONE of that trouble. Extremely sturdy, well designed, and looks and feels very nice. I initially had some problems because this shipment comes as 2 packages, and I only received one, which ended up being a mistake/misunderstanding with Fed-Ex, but before I knew that, I reached out to their customer service. I was honestly expecting a delayed response because you can only reach out to them through email, and I have never had a good experience reaching out to companies through email in the past. I was so entirely wrong. They responded to me in a couple hours (during off-work hours) and I had a consistent email conversation (responses within minutes) with one of their representatives. Best money I have ever spent on furniture, by far. In conclusion, if you're looking for a desk big enough for gaming, work, or just for casual use, I highly recommend it.

Ari Nicole
Very durable & sturdy

It did take awhile to put together only because it's a long desk. It's pretty big. I didn't think it would be that big but once it came in the mail, I was surprised; it's a good price for it to be that big! I used it for about 3 years before switching to a smaller desk. This desk was very good because I was able to have multiple monitors in the middle and there's two other desk on the side of me that I was able to put other things. Like my laptop, paperwork and other things. The desk was just big enough and I had a lot of room for gaming. It would definitely be a good work desk for the office as well. I work in an office and know that our desks can get pretty crowded. With this desk, you'd have enough room to put paperwork and have room to have multiple monitors to get work done faster.

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